Monday, July 28, 2014

A Big Climb!

The biggest climb in Maine, as a matter of fact!  And in my opinion, having hiked Mt .Washington in NH, which is taller than Mt. Katahdin, the most difficult in the East.

Baxter State Park is an annual trip for us.  It's definitely our happy place, away from the world, completely unplugged.  We have done a lot of hiking in the north end of the park and thought it was finally time to give the famous Mt. Katahdin a go.

We enjoyed some fishing near our campsite on the Nesowadnehunk as well and had some great luck! Nothing like a gourmet meal of fresh trout and Kraft mac n' cheese to round out a great weekend.

A few photos from the weekend...

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

(Pin)Spiration Furniture Rehab

The husband and I are finally moving into our very own house!  With a yard!  We couldn't close on the house for several months, so we are staying with my parents this summer to fill the gap.  I can't wait to get started on the house and have the decorating itch in a bad way.  Until I can get my hands on the house, I decided to work away at some furniture rehab to help satisfy the urge.

These end tables look antique, but they were actually a newer hand-me-down from my Mom.  I wish I had a before photo, but they were basically medium toned wood with a bunch of water marks on the top.

This was a really easy project! After removing the hardware and taping off the drawers, I scuffed them on with some medium grain sandpaper and cleaned the dust off.  Next, it was Krylon to the rescue!  I applied a coat of grey primer, followed by a couple of coats of Blue Ocean Breeze.  I am going to let the paint cure for 48 hours before I reattached the hardware and move them.

I have gone back and forth on whether to distress the tables and what to do with the hardware.  Now that I see the finished product, I am happy with the finish as is and plan to leave the hardware too.  Once we are in the new place, I will post the finished product in our living room.

This is a little preview of another ongoing project.  This old coffee table will be transformed into an upholstered bench with the striped fabric.  Stay tuned for more on this project...