Sunday, July 15, 2012

I did it!

This post is completely unrelated to cooking, however I am so proud of myself and my girls, that I had to post about it!  I did the swim leg of a sprint triathlon!  I was incredibly nervous.  While I was quite confident I could finished the swim, the start cased me great anxiety.

Things not to do the night before you do a mass beach start for open water swimming:  Start watching youtube videos of triathlon starts.  Aiiieeee.

I would be lying if I said it wasn't hard, because it was.  The first 200m or so was a serious battle.  For about 2s I tried to be polite and keep my elbows and feet to myself, but realized that it was definitely a kick-or-be-kicked situation.

Case in point (Sarah, circled in white):

750m in around 14:00 minutes, 34/111 out of the water!  Not to shabby for my first group open water swim.

My girlfriends did the bike and run legs and were fantastic as well!  We are totally making this an annual event.

In all their glory, 750m's of swimming, 20km's of biking and 5km's of running later, I give you, Notorious T.R.I.

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