Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What's cooking? (September 10-15)

I have been an absolutely lazy failure when it comes to meal planning over the summer.  My husband worked odd hours and our house was 900 degrees.  I just had no motivation to do much beyond grill a piece of meat or grab a chicken from the grocery store.

Even though I am no longer in school, working for a school or have children in school, September still makes me want to start fresh.  My budget and waistline are crying out for a plan and a routine, so here we go again!

Monday:       Sweet barbacoa venison in the slow cooker ( style) made into taco salad
Tuesday:       BBQ pork chops marinated in jerk sauce and roasted broccoli and sweet potatoes
Wednesday:  Beef and broccoli stir-fry
Thursday:     Roasted red pepper and spinach pasta bake and a little Cesar salad
Friday:          Sole fillets, broccoli and rice with mango chutney

Why so much broccoli you ask?  Obviously we got a giant sack at Costco and I am doing my darndest darnedest (really spellcheck?  Does that e belong?) to use it up!

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