Monday, January 7, 2013

The Plan (January 6-10)

The first week back to healthy eating was most definitely a success.  The Christmas weight is gone and I am on track to keep losing.  Now that I have the eating part down, I need to add exercise into the mix.

I am not sure that I mentioned this in my last post, but I am following the South Beach Diet right now and making my way through phase 1.  At first, I was scared it was a bit of a "fad diet" and the restrictiveness would make it impossible to follow.  I was wrong!  After a week, I have never felt better.  DH has noticed a big difference too.  My tummy troubles are gone and even my mood is better. 

Phase 1 has been somewhat difficult, but I was eating so much sugar and junk over the holidays, it was no surprise I had a few days of headaches coming off the carbs.  I really do not miss the starchy carbs, but I am looking forward to adding some fruit and yogurt back into my diet next week, when I start Phase 2.

For breakfast, I have been eating different omelette's and egg scrambles.  Snacks are veggies and hummus, celery and natural peanut putter and deli meat, laughing cow and lettuce roll-ups.  For lunch, I usually have leftovers or a big salad with protein.

Dinner plans:

Sunday: Chili with shredded chedder, green onion and low-fat sour cream
Monday: Meatloaf muffins, cauliflower "rice" and green beans
Tuesday: Italian stuffed portobello muchrooms and cesar salad
Wednesday: Sundried tomato sole in a bag and roasted asparagus
Thursday:  Mediterranean chicken thighs and roasted asparagus

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