Saturday, May 26, 2012

Grilled Brie and Prosciutto Sandwich with Blueberry Lime Salsa

I had some leftovers from an appetizer platter I made the other night and used the odds and ends to make this decadent sandwich.  The Wild Blueberry Lime Salsa is jarred locally at Granite Town Farms.  It is to die for with baked brie, on baguette slices with goat cheese or as a chicken or fish topping.

Sandwich:  Baguette (remove the soft bready guts to save calories), brie, prosciutto, wild blueberry lime salsa, arugula and red onion.

This is also my change to make a plug for my Cuisinart Griddler.  I received it as a gift and it has changed our lives.  I hate kitchen gadgets that have only one use, so I was skeptical about a panini press.  BUT, the Griddler is so much more!  The plates are grill on one side and flat on the other and you can use the Griddler as a press or lay it out flat as a griddle.  Sandwiches, meat, eggs, bacon, pancakes... the uses are endless.  The best part, you can even purchase waffle plates!

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